Grey Hat SEO – Still works in 2019?

If you are into SEO then you must have heard of different SEO techniques like White hat SEO, black hat SEO and grey hat SEO. If you did and wondering what’s grey hat SEO is all about then we are here to help you out.


In this article, we will explain what is grey hat SEO and what are some of the top techniques. This way you will be able to get to know about it as well as you will get basic ides which you can use for your SEO strategies.

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

What is Grey Hat SEO?

To do a proper search engine optimization or you can say SEO you need to know three things. These things are the Blackhat SEO, white hat SEO and grey hat SEO. Now you must be wondering that what is grey hat SEO, then let us answer it.

In simple words, Grey Hat SEO is the practice of using technically legal methods as well as illegal methods to improve your site rankings. However, you may wonder if it is safe or not to use Grey hat SEO. Well, the answer to this question is that grey hat SEO obviously helps. But as you already aware of the fact that Google algorithm is changing on a regular basis. So it might catch you using grey hat technique and punish you. 

However, there are many people who consider buying links from websites or duplicate content is the grey hat SEO. But the actual truth is that they are not grey hat SEO. Instead, they are black hat SEO as Google webmaster has already mentioned these stuff. 

But when it comes to the grey hat SEO there are quite a lot of things that you need to about. That’s why to give you a better understanding lets just talk about some of the grey hat techniques.

Top Grey Hat SEO Techniques:

SEO Squatting

There are so many people out there who purchase expired domains which are related to their keywords. Then they set up a website using the domain name and add some pages with content. After that, they build some backlinks. After that, they treat it like a brand new website and within a few weeks, the website starts ranking. This technique can be used while building a micro niche website. 

 Update Your Content Time To Time

Do focus on updating your website’s content from time to time. As fresh content always helps in ranking or even staying in the position. It does not go against google rule. But it helps Google to consider your content as the more recent one. 

 Let People Comment

We cannot deny the fact that there are lots of spammers out there who needs a link from us. Hence our comment box is always filled with spammy comments. However, do you know the fact that comment helps Google to rank your website better. Hence you should enable the comment box if you have not already. Also, make sure to approve the less spammy comments. 

Add content sharing buttons

You should add the content sharing buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ buttons on your website. Also, click them whenever you can this helps you to get social signals. Even you can create multiple social media accounts and do the same. 

Create A News

News websites have a huge hunger of fresh content. And somehow if you can create a fake news or something that people would be interested in and spread it well. Then there is a high chance that big publications will link to your website as well as you will get lots of traffic to your website. 

Use Keyword Association Manipulation

This is one of the most advanced techniques which needs a lot of work to achieve the rankings that you are desiring for. In this technique, you have to put unrelated keywords together to fool search engines bots and make them think that they are related. If this works, you will get the rankings. 

Pay another site to put the google authentication HTML file on their website

This thing is completely on the other website owner. If the other website owner agrees to upload your Google authentication HTML file on their website. Then you can get their website’s link juice to your website and as a result, you will rank better. This would not hurt your website or the other person’s website at all. Also, it is not against Google guidelines.   

Spun Content

You can also use spun content on your website if you are too lazy to write. However, if you spun a single content then Google bots might spot the plagiarism and punish from it. But what you can do in this case, you can take links from multiple websites. As you have heard the fact that copying from a source is a copy. But when you copy from multiple sources it is a research. As a result, it will be hard for Google to spot the plagiarism content and you can play the game until there is a Google update. 

Free Stuff

Everyone loves free stuff and you can use this to generate a huge number of traffic to your website. You can post about different offers or voucher codes on your social media platforms and use it to generate traffic. There are quite a lot of websites out there which offers vouchers and all. You can copy them to promote your content and get some traffic to your website.

Final Words:

So these are some of the top grey hat SEO techniques that you can apply. These techniques are safe to use in most of the cases. But remember the fact that Google is changing it’s algorightm every single day so these techniques might not be suitable in the long run. But for a short time, they are worth a try. Also if you have any questions do feel free to comment below and we will surely help you out. 

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