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Youtube SEO Guide: Pro Secrets To Rank YouTube Video Instantly

Everyone’s dream is to get their video viral and to pocket a huge amount of views and money. Maybe be you are one of them, isn’t I always say correct?

Update: According to new YouTube policy of 1,000 subscribers in total, 4,000 hours of views and a 10,000 total views must be required in the past year to monetize the channel.  But the question is how you would reach the required numbers if you are far behind?

Solution: Use YTmonster and other tweaks mentioned below. All the required tweaks are already listed. The only thing required is to implement.

You are trying to rank your videos on YouTube or on Google, but you are not able to do so?

Trying Hard To Rank On Google

Ok! No problem at all, I am here to come up with the perfect YouTube Seo Guide.

In between of the post, I have added some pro tips which is not shared by anyone. So make sure you read till the end to get your video ranked.

In this guide, I will share pro YouTubers secret to Rank on YouTube first page.

But before I start, please ask yourself, is ranking on YouTube is too difficult, or you are applying the same strategies by which you rank websites?

Yes! We do the same process for increasing our YouTube SEO, but there are more things to Rank our Video, only basic SEO is not enough to rank videos.

As you know Youtube has over 30+ million visitors a day and you uploaded a Video on YouTube, in 30 million visitors no one is watching your video.

It will be a sad thing, you are putting lots of hard work and not able to succeed.

At this point, we need some youtube SEO tips so that we can rank our videos and get millions of views and subscriber.

Not only video ranking can drive your views but also increases your business opportunity and with more views, you can earn more money and also will able to drive traffic to your website.

Approx most blogger uses YouTube as a traffic generator for their blog and also it is their money making machine.

Ok! You won’t believe me, I will share one of my friend YouTube stats…

Youtube earning

As you see he got around 18,223,319 views on his channel and on an average, if he put his blog link on the videos, then the views also converted into traffic, sales and so on.

Now you might be crazy enough to about it and maybe wanted to learn with eager.

But before we start must have a look onto the factors below.

Some YouTube Ranking Factors: Discussed

YouTube Ranking Factors

Ok! Without investing more time on history, I will gonna to share pro secrets to rank on youtube so that you can make the history.

Knock! Knock! – Understanding the history and investing time on it can make you perfect to create your own history and records.

Starting With Our YouTube SEO Guide: Shhh! Its a Secret…

Step 1: Selecting The Perfect Niche

If you are not good in this part then maybe you will fail or not get enough views as you dream.

Selecting the perfect topic on which you can work is very necessary to rank videos.

Let me give you an example let say if you are perfect to ride a bike or in shooting bike riding videos then it might help you to understand the topic and to work on it for a long time.

Just the same as I know I have enough knowledge about SEO and YouTube Ranking Factors so I will be more comfortable to create videos on it and to rank that videos.

The same you have to do, select the niche according to your interest and create some cool videos on that topic.

Some of the popular and money making niches:

You can work on these niches and generate handsome views, subscribers, and money.

Step 2: Finding Keywords For Video

YouTube keyword research is similar as you do it for your blogs, You can use Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Keg to research for your youtube video keyword.

But video keywords are little different from our blog keyword.

Let me clear this point, you might be thinking that What is Video Keyword?

youtube video keyword

In the above image, I searched for the keyword “break dance tutorial’ and the results I got is only videos.

If you have seen the image properly, there is no other sites or blog on that keyword. Similarly, you have to do it in your videos keyword research.

Wait! Don’t think too much I have not done yet. Follow me a little bit more to get know more about it.

If you search something on google using your keyword you get results like website or blogs or maybe a video but not sure you will get videos only.

To do so you have to add extra related words along with your keyword to make YouTube friendly keyword.

That will be like,

  • How to
  • Movie
  • Video
  • Tutorial
  • etc.

You have to describe it in your keyword that this is a video.

In the image above,  I searched for “break dance” and along with it I added word “tutorial”, so it decribes search engine to show videos related results, by this search engine understand things clearly.

If you use proper words along with you main keyword then no one can stop you to rank on Google, expect Google.

Choosing keywords for the video is necessary to show keywords related video and to show video on that keyword.

Some pro tips will be discussed in our YouTube SEO guide below to make videos viral with your keyword.

Step 3: Creating Unique Video

Creating unique video is necessary to get more views and to viral the video on a home page.

Create videos which haven’t been discovered or re-create videos in a different way in a much more explanatory way.

Pro Tip: Try to create your video length more than 5-7 minutes. YouTube prefer more length videos as compare to short length videos.

By mean to long length videos, don’t put shit in your videos. Be original and make possible to make it more understandable videos. So that it can increase your video length and engagement rate.

Create videos and save the video name as your video keyword. If possible add subtitles in your video, whether it may be English or Hindi.

Suppose I created a video on how to rank videos on google, and my keyword is rank videos on Google. Now I must save my video file name as “rank video on google” and then upload it to YouTube.

By this way, I got more views as expected on my videos.

If you are not a pro video editor, then you may hire someone or you can create tutorial type videos on your own using Screen Casting or any other screen recorder.

Step 4: YouTube Video Optimization

Now I must believe that you have completed your Keyword research part and creating of the video part.

Now the next thing is to optimize our video for better visibility and more views.

In our optimization technique, we are pinging Google and YouTube to crawl us, so that it will be in Google search results.

#1: File name of your Youtube video

Now one thing I already told you, after creating your video save your file name as your keyword name or include the keyword in your video file name.

Example: Suppose our keyword is how to make money online, then the video file name is will gonna be the same.

#2: Don’t create Shit or useless Video

Check whether your video has some uniqueness or some cool stuff so that everyone loves to watch and share.

Also, must sure the video you created is of high quality. Well, maintain at least to 720p and up will be best.

#3: Keywords in Your Video Title

Must have a thing in your video is the title. Write catchy highly clickable title along with your keyword that automatically increases your YouTube SEO. The more you have the long tail keyword as your video title the more you have views.

Must remember to add YouTube specific keywords, that we have discussed above, like a tutorial, video, etc.

#4: Description of Your Video

YouTube says if you want me to trust you then better you add all your social profile links like Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon, YouTube Channel Links (mention channel link as Subscribe us), etc in your video description along with your website address.

And I say it’s true, but along with this all, you must add your older video links which are similar to that video.

Knock! Knock! – At present you can also do keyword stuffing in YouTube description to increase your rank for the particular keyword. But YouTube won’t recommend.

Also, make sure you have written description as long as possible, but at least add 200-300 words of description.

Use your keyword in your first paragraph and in between and in last of a paragraph of your description.

This will help you to boost your video ranking and SEO.

#5: Optimized and Related Video Tags

The keywords which have used in your video title + in your video description + your stuffing keywords, collect them all and insert in your tags column in youtube.

Add a comma(,) after every tag.

Find similar tags for your video. Confused or thinking where should I have to found similar keywords for the tags.

Find through youtube keywords research tool, or try Youtube search bar to find the keywords.

When you type the keyword in Youtube search bar, then youtube will give you suggestion to complete the sentence.

YouTube Keyword Suggest

Note down all the phrases and use it as your keyword in tags and in the description.

Add high authority channel names in tags.

Knock! Knock! – Pro Secret to Youtube SEO, Use VidiQ Extension and Tubebuddy Extension in your google chrome browser. Using this extension you can analyze and discover your competitor tags, earnings, traffic, etc. Also use these extension to copy your competitor tags and paste it in your video tags.

#6: Subscribe to Similar Channels

Like if you want to get noticed by someone you have to do some action, it is very necessary to subscribe similar channels or you can also subscribe high authority channel. And comment on their videos also includes your video URL with the valuable comment.

Knock! Knock! – Suppose I have a video on YouTube about Beginners Guide On SEO so I go to other videos related to my keyword and add a valuable comment like “Hey! I like what you shared really great stuff! But if you add this “Your Video URL or Post URL” along with your video then it may add value to your viewers”.

#7: Video Thumbnail

Add an attractive and catchy video thumbnail. Create thumbnail which shows the video point of view. Add text in your thumbnail.

It must be of high CTR, so that everyone would love to open your video and view it.

Add YouTube Video Thumbnail

#8: Connect your Youtube account

Connect your youtube account with other social networks sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Etc.

There will be an option in setting to connect account.

Knock! Knock! – Connecting your account will provide you huge profit because it will auto share your new videos to your connected account. And social signals to your videos will increase your video YouTube SEO.

Along with this Youtube Ranking Guide, you must watch this below video to understand Youtube Ranking Secrets more easily.

How To Rank YouTube Video Instantly

Secrets To Make Your YouTube Videos Go Viral Easily

As we all know Youtube is frequently changing its algorithm to discover new things in Youtube. And we also don’t say anything to YouTube, because he/she is not our brother or sister but yes we can change accordingly to understand YouTube.

Hahaha, Sound Funny :D. Am I a comedian?

So, following some of the YouTube Tips can change your YouTube Life.

  • The number of likes on your videos.
  • The more of your videos Embedded in blogs the more it goes viral. (Hope you got the awesome idea, if not then comment below “I want to know more about it”, then will share the secret with you)
  • The number of social shares. The greater the best. (For this is used addmefast to increase views and shares)
  • Total time users spend watching your video.(Not recommend but most people use to hack YouTube algorithm YTMonster)
  • The number of legit Views your video receives.
  • Backlinks for your videos as well as channels.
  • Channel subscribers. (For this I used addmefast)

Knock! Knock! – Hard work and Smart Work is the key to Success. Only few are there who’s get success without hard work but if we put both we are on the top of the world.

Super Bonus Tip 1: Just after uploading your video try promoting aggressively with Fake YouTube account bonus in a bonus: Upload similar videos multiple time with different YouTube account and add the link to the original video in the description.

…but be aware because it’s a blackhat technique (Black hat techniques are always risky, the same applies to SEO but people do).

What if you get an extra Super bonus? It will be like Icing on the Cake.

[et_bloom_locked optin_id=”optin_2″]Super Bonus Tip 2: Video uploaded completed? Ok now, do one thing unlist the video, at the time of uploading or after the uploaded completes.

YouTube Video Privacy

Now use YTMonster, Hitleap, Addmefast and other video exchanges websites and send views, Likes, and comments to your video. After you got some views, comments, and likes then make the video public.

And then again start promoting and embedding. For embedding, you can ask other bloggers to add your video to their blog. There are more secrets to embedding your videos fastly and quickly. For that comment below 😀

…I am not forcing you to comment below, I just wanted to know how much active you are and if you do comment below I feel more motivated and then I add a more extra bonus to this guide.[/et_bloom_locked]

This is what Pro Youtubers do to make their video go viral in the beginning.

No one likes Ending

It’s not true in all cases, a good ending is always a happy ending. And I feel this is good, most probably. What do you think?

But that doesn’t mean we end here, we keep updating this YouTube SEO Guide with frequent changes on YouTube algorithm and its ranking factor.

But to keep this guide updated you have to be updated with us: Subscribe Our Newsletter, Share as much as you can, so that every time when someone read this guide will share it again and you must get notified with that share, like us and follow our social media accounts.

Knock! Knock! – Don’t tell me thank you for this guide, share it with 3 people and tell to share it with another 3 people and so on ?

One more thing, I am not saying me a master, so please if something is missing in this guide then to keep this YouTube Ranking Guide updated please comment your suggestions below.

**For More Pro Tips See The Comment Section**

Also, share your valuable feedback. Thank You!.

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